18 Nov

Sexual hormones in the body affect sexual vitality, arousal, and stamina. Sexual drive or libido is the person’s personal desire to engage in sexual activity. Low libido is related to decreased desire relating to sexual activity. High libido is an increase in desire for sex.  Different diseases and factors affect the sexual drive, such as erectile dysfunction.  We can increase the level of libido in men and women by using excellent herbal medicines.

Herbs for Women

Following are the herbs to support women sexual health and women care


This feminine arousal liquid can arise without causing any irritation in sensitive parts. It contains plant-derived ingredients such as Vitamin E and C, borage oil, angelica extract. You can apply it to the vaginal area during sexual activity to lubricate and heighten arousal. Some women complained that the original formula was not tasty or even smelled. But then, in 2009, the company reformulated it with neutral fragrance and taste.

Passion Rx

Many over-the-counter supplements consist of herbs and vitamins that can increase the sex drive. The active ingredients of this medicine are Tribulus Terrestris, Ashwagandha, Tongkat Ali, Catuaba bark, Maca, Rhodiola, etc.

Many oral supplements are considered the best sex medicine and help control the hormone imbalance and increase libido—some of the OTC sex supplements contain Yohimbe that can spike the blood pressure in some individuals. In addition, herbal combinations can interact with particular medications. Therefore it is essential to ask your doctor before taking any supplement.


This blend of herbs include raspberry leaf, nettle, and vitex, can improve the fertility condition in women. It can help to enhance the libido and balance hormones. If a woman is suffering from ovulation difficulties, she can use it. Taking it daily can help you to see the results within two weeks. However, when you become pregnant, please do not take it.

Herbs for Men 

Following are the best herbal medicine for sex and to support men sexual health:

Saw Palmetto (serenoa repens)

Men who are having prostate problems such as enlarged prostate saw palmetto responds best towards these conditions. It helps to ease the weak flow, night urges, and awful feeling of the emptied bladder. Saw palmetto can help to nourish the prostate gland and provide stimulation to the sex hormone testosterone production. In addition, it can help to slow down the male pattern baldness. The recommended dosage for this herbal medicine is 160mg two times a day, and it makes sure that your product should contain 85 percent of fatty acid.

Hot Plants to incases libido in men

It is an herbal supplement containing nutrients that can help increase sexual satisfaction and is the best herbal sex medicine. It can reignite sexual desires, improve the overall sexual performance. This supplement is available in both formulas for men and women.  In this herbal medicine, ingredients include horny goat weed Tongkat Ali, Rhodiola, maca, and Panax ginseng.  This herbal medicine shows its effect within a week or two and can nourish the adrenal glands, circulatory system, and prostate gland.


Arginine is best for men who are suffering from high blood pressure problems and erectile dysfunction. It is a natural amino acid that works like Viagra that helps open up the blood vessels that can lead to the heart and penis. As a result, arginine can help to improve blood flow and ultimately enhance performance. In addition, this amino acid is present in many sexual medications to increase the sexual drive.


Sexual inabilities and stress factors lead towards decreased libido. However, we can increase libido by engaging in sexual activities. Herbal supplements can also help us. Click to buy Pakistan’s best herbal medicine from “Ajmal Dawakhana.”

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