03 Oct

Osteoarthritis is a common condition that can affect any joint of the body. It mostly affects the joint that bears most of the weight, such as our knees and feet. However, it also affects the parts of the body that we use a lot in everyday life, such as hands joint. Hard especially the fingers joint caused by the extra bone growth and other one is soft that caused by joint lining thickening and inside extra fluid of joint capsules. We should use the best herbs for joints, such as stinging nettle.

1. Aging Factor and Osteoarthritis

Aging does not affect the musculoskeletal system. Bones undergo the constant bone absorption and bone formation process, known as the remodeling process. When our age increases, the balance between absorption and formation changes can lead to bone loss. Bones become less dense, and the cartilage composition and properties also change. By increasing age, less water content in cartilage is present, reducing the ability to cushion and absorb shock. Cartilage degenerative process occurs, which can develop arthritis. With age, our ligaments and connective tissues become less elastic and flexible.

Osteoarthritis is an age-related disorder and is described as a chronic degenerative disease. The central feature of the OA is degradation and articular cartilage loss that’s is sometimes attributed as ‘wear and tear.’ It is a multi-factorial condition; aging is the major risk factor.

2. Home Remedies for Joints Pain

 2.1 Manage body weight to cure joints pain

Bodyweight has a big impact on symptoms of arthritis. It puts more pressure on the joints, especially the knees, feet, and hips, when you have more weight. If your body max index indicates that you are obese, it can lead to joints pain. When you reduce the stress on your joints by losing body weight, it can help you to: 

  • Decrease pain
  • Prevent damage to joints in future
  • Improve mobility

2.2 Get enough exercise Exercise can help you if you have arthritis: 

  • Manage body weight
  • Keep joints flexible
  • Keep providing strength to the muscles around joints

Exercising with a trainer must be more beneficial as it increases motivation. Following are the good options that can include low impact exercises:

  • Walking
  • Tai chi
  • Cycling

2.3 Follow Healthy Diet 

A healthy diet is rich in fruits, vegetables, and whole foods that can boost our immune system and overall health. Dietary choices can affect both Rheumatoid arthritis patients as well as Osteoarthritis patients. A plant-based diet can provide antioxidants that can help to reduce inflammation by eliminating free radicals from the body. However, Arthritis patients should avoid a diet rich in red meat, saturated fats, added sugar, and salt that can cause inflammation.

Foods contribute to health conditions such as obesity, high blood pressure, heart diseases, and many other complications that are not beneficial for arthritis patients.

2.4 Consider herbal supplements

 Herbal supplements reduce joint pain. Following are the natural herbs for joint pain that are effective to cure joints pain: 

  • Boswellia
  • Bromelain
  • Devil’s claw
  • Stinging nettle
  • Ginkgo is the best herbal remedy for joint pain
  • Thunder god vine
  • Herbal oil

The FDA does not monitor supplements and herbs for purity and safety, so we still have no surety what a product contains. Therefore, we should be careful when we are going to buy herbal supplements. However, you can buy herbal medicinal for joint pain from any reliable herbal store such as Ajmal Dawakhana that is run according to Hakeem Ajmal Khan Heekmat. You can trust this Dawakhana for any herbal product.


 OA is an imbalance between anabolic and catabolic activity in the joints caused by the aging factor. Growth factor stimulation gets a poor response by the aged chondrocytes and the articular cartilage unable to maintain homeostasis. The age factor matters the most in this condition. Therefore, it is important to do joint care in old age to prevent yourself from this painful condition by using natural ways of treatment.

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